About Mohawk Cushion

When you purchase a Mohawk carpet, you’re not just choosing beauty and style. You’re also choosing superior value and excellent quality. And since you’re getting all that already, why not go for the whole package?

Mohawk cushion is specifically designed to maximize and extend your carpet’s plush feel and high performance. We’ve studied all types of flooring for decades and we know our customers get the best value and greatest satisfaction when they use a Mohawk cushion with their new carpet. In fact, to make sure the cushion quality is as good as the carpet’s, we became the only producer of both in the industry.

We offer a wide selection of cushions in various thicknesses and densities to accommodate every client, every lifestyle and every budget. A Mohawk cushion helps your carpet feel richer and more luxurious; it also improves your carpet’s acoustical and insulating properties making the room quieter and warmer. Mohawk cushion is an environmentally friendly product. The Easy Choice selection system makes the decision-making pain-free.

Mohawk is one of the world’s leading carpet manufacturers. For over a century we’ve been the name customers can trust for all their floor covering needs. And now you can have a cushion that’s equally trustworthy. When you purchase Mohawk carpet and Mohawk cushion it significantly enhances your warranty. After all, when you’re using something as good as a Mohawk carpet, why would you put anything less underneath it?

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